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SpectraVue is a powerful spectral analysis/receiver program
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SpectraVue is spectrum analyzer program that allows you to graphically represent signals of different frequencies. It has been primarily designed for SDR-14, SDR-IQ, SDR-IP, and NetSDR radio receivers, but it can be also used to analyze signals from sound cards in real-time or WAV files. Besides, it also can be used to demodulate signals of different frequencies: it can use your sound card as output or generate wav files. The program uses the Fast Fourier Transform method (FFT) to analyze the signals.
To operate the program you first need to select the input device that contains the signal to be analyzed. Then, you have to adjust some parameters of the input device in its setup window. The program has eight different display modes that can be accessed directly from the main window (including raw data, 2D and 3D plots, vertical and horizontal waterfalls, combo, continuous, and phase) just by clicking on the TAB of the desired viewing mode. If you don't know the receiver center frequency you can use the Auto Scale button to automatically show the viewing range. You can also use the memory channels to save frequency ranges. You can export the current raw FFT data into Excel files and save the screen to bmp, jpg or png files.

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  • It allows you to analyze and demodulate signals of different frequencies in real-time


  • SpectraVue doesn't allow multiple instances running at the same time. Nevertheless, it can be done by renaming the executable file but it will use a lot of CPU time
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